The new, Australian
build-to-rent group

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We are here to dismantle rental norms.
To flip the script on old ways of living and being. We are developing more than just spaces to come home to – we are cultivating places where there is no compromise between taking care of ourselves, each other, and the planet. This is Model.


Climate action, community building, and design innovation with a focus on mental wellbeing - these are the pillars upon which Model is built. They set the foundation for everything we do and are the threads that weave through each decision we make.

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We are at a moment of historical significance - where a shift towards a Net Zero future is both urgent and inevitable. The climate emergency is not a distant threat but a present reality, demanding immediate action. Policy changes are not gradual but increasingly rapid, and there is a coming tidal wave of net-zero capital that is eager to be deployed. 

This white paper demonstrates our case for Regenerative Decarbonisation in the build-to-rent sector in Australia and beyond. Read more to uncover why Tomorrow’s Too Late and what we can do now.



Where we begin matters and so does the question of, "where do we want to go from here?"

Our goal is to extend our impact across Australia and globally as we set a new standard for what urban living should look, feel and be like.

The future is calling. Will you join us in answering?