About Model

Developing change

Model is a build-to-rent development, operations and investment group that's an ally to renters and the planet.

We are here to build more than just structures -
we are on a path to decarbonising the built form and creating environments where residents can truly belong.

Development done different. That's Model.


To cultivate places where there is no compromise between taking care of ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Model throws out conventional ways of how rentals work.

For us, there is an equal importance between craft and community-building, and enduring materials matter just as much as the mental wellbeing of our future residents.

Our rental communities combine the magnetism of the world's most revered cultural hubs, the heartbeat of a home with innovative design, and the urgency to decarbonise our planet through the framework of regenerative development.

Model is where the experience of hotel hospitality meets the warmth of family - an enriching and soulful space that feels not just lived in, but alive - creating the environment for renters to feel supported, grounded and empowered with a sense of certainty and security in their living situation.


Model began as a question and an intention. We knew we were faced with a climate, housing and mental health crisis in Australia.

We asked ourselves - not if, but how can the built form help address all three issues?

It spurred the vision to create something better, something worth sharing and something worth acting upon.

Founded by hotelier, developer, community builder, entrepreneur and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Rory Hunter, Model is a visionary enterprise that echoes from existing developments Rory has led.

This includes the development of carbon neutral, mid-rise residences in Australia as well as the ethical luxury resort - Song Saa Private Island, which has amassed a number of awards since opening and is regularly voted as one of the world’s top 10 hotels.

Rory was also the founder and CEO of Song Saa Collective (2005-2021), a mission-driven real estate group based in Hong Kong which developed a range of residential and master planned communities, including the 230 hectare Song Saa Reserve - Asia's first Living Community Challenge development.

He is also the founder of The Song Saa Foundation, an independent NGO dedicated to preserving Cambodia’s marine environment while providing jobs, healthcare and education to the Koh Rong Archipelago.

Having travelled, lived in and experienced cultures around the world, Rory believes his greatest contribution can be back home in Australia, where the frameworks, policies and institutions have the capacity to amplify ideas and entrepreneurship. For Rory, the next decade is dedicated to addressing long-term challenges including climate action and biodiversity loss, and Model is a distinct example of how we do that. 

This will be a built form that dismantles the rental norms.

One which embodies better equality and quality of life. An environment that enables greater connections with each other and our planet. A home with intelligent, intuitive design that creates secure, connected, carbon neutral communities where health and wellbeing are at the core of the everyday experience.

Model is a purpose-first developer that’s leading the race to meet our emissions reductions target. One where decarbonisation isn’t a vague vision; it’s a commitment etched into the very foundation of who we are. Model is more than just a structure, it is a shift in redefining how we can and should live.

To learn more about our founder, Rory ,
visit his Linkedin profile here.

Model Values

We are

Anti-status quo

A commitment to do things the right way sets us apart from the rest. We look for ways to break new ground in everything we do, going beyond perceived limitations..

We are


Actions drive change, and that’s what we are here to do. We will happily be measured by the impact we make.

We are

Open and agile

Open-mindedness has brought us here, agility will keep us ahead. These are the qualities that help us learn, grow, and win together.

We are


Our focus on meaningful connection is powered by experience, empathy and expertise. We foster communities that thrive.

We are


Our residents are our reason for being, this is something we never forget. With a laser focus on their needs and an obsession over every detail, we create a unique sense of place and homes like no other.


It takes collective effort to make change happen and we're proud to partner with these leaders who are as determined as we are in making a lasting and meaningful impact on the way we live.

The future is calling. Will you join us in answering?